Residential Home Restoration Services


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Your long-term lifestyle and investment goals should drive all your home improvements, whether you plan to remodel your home or renovate it. Your goals and the condition of your property call for a distinct program of services and expertise. Generally, our home remodeling and restoration services fall into three categories: homes being prepared for owner occupancy, homes for lease and homes for sale.


A remodeling and restoration plan can be tailored to your exact needs. Our services include:

Move preparation
Relocation and set-up
Distribution of personal property
Repairs and Restoration

Determining the scope of work

Reviewing and Selecting bids with the owner
Monitoring the progress of the work
Providing progress reports to the owner
Paying contractors and vendors
Considering and implementing change orders with owner
Overseeing house prep for rental

Considering the age and general condition, we will oversee the subcontractors needed to bring the home to a condition attractive and acceptable for the new occupants. There are three general areas to consider: safety, functionality and asset protection.

The first consideration is to make the home safe for the new occupants. This will include repairs and renovations that provide a safe environment for the incoming residents. The major home systems such as electrical, water heaters and HVAC must all be in good working condition. Structural elements like the stairways and railings at the entrances and exits must all be inspected. Additional safety measures, such as the wrapping of asbestos-covered heating ducts must also be considered. Finally, both the fire protection systems and lights over all the entrances may need to be upgraded or installed. By taking these actions, the home will be comfortable for the new residents and compliant with insurance carriers as well.

The second consideration involves making sure the home is functional for the new occupant. In many cases the home is “livable,” but not practical for other family members, or attractive to tenants or buyers in the current condition. We will assemble a list of repairs, renovations and new appliances to bring the home to a good functional condition that meets the needs of the anticipated occupants. We can take care of everything – hiring licensed and insured contractors and tradespeople, insuring permits are applied for and signed off, and overseeing the completion of the work. We will also arrange for and disburse deposits and payments upon the inspection and approval of competed work.

Finally you will need some general condition estimates to protect the value of your investment. These can be used as a baseline for a capital improvements and developing a maintenance plan going forward. This may involve structural pest and roof reports, which can be performed during the renovation, and can later be implemented once the property is leased and generating cash flow.

Move Preparation

Planning is essential well before construction. If moving is necessary, we will help you plan the move, decide what to take and where it should go and follow our checklist for move preparation. During this process, we have your possessions valued to help you decide the appropriate disposition of those items not going with you to your new home.

Relocation Services

As your advocate, we will arrange packer and movers for the items you intend to take, and have them unpacked upon their arrival at your new home. We can offer you two options for moving companies: 1) a professional mover, or 2) a supervised crew of laborers and a rented truck. The first option is more expensive, but offers additional insurance coverage. The second option is cheaper, and the items are protected under your home owner’s policy.

The day of the move, the crew you hire will bring a truck, load it with the belongings you are taking, and deliver everything where a crew will arrange and put things away according to the pre-arranged plan.

Distribution of Personal Property

Clearing out your house or downsizing to something more manageable? This step involves handling those items you no longer wish to keep. As with our other services, you have options:
Moving them to your new residence (see above)
Offering them for sale or consignment
Recycling or disposal
Keeping them for now to stage and show your home

As part of the planning process, we will take an inventory of the major personal property in the house in order to assist you in determining the distribution. At your direction, we will sell any items for which the projected sales price exceeds the cost of sales, and donate the remaining items to local charities. Details for distribution will be determined with you in our discussions prior to the move.