Residential Property Management Services

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Giant Properties provides a comprehensive package of property management services for single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums or apartment buildings. The type of property and the nature of occupancy call for distinct areas of expertise. Generally, our services are divided into four categories: tenant-occupied properties, owner-occupied properties, vacation homes and homes held vacant for a period of time.


Tenant-Occupied Property Management Services

Our administrative services include:

Day-to-day responses to oral and written communications of all types from owners, vendors and tenants
Preparation of notices for changes in tenancy, rents or services
Routine and periodic site inspections
Generating enforcement correspondence and responding to tenant inquiry relating to same
Updating and recording unit files with new owner information
Generating welcome letters
Maintaining association functional files

Our supervisory services include:

Preparation of detailed specifications for bidding on major jobs
Consultation and preparation of insurance specifications
Ordinary maintenance and repairs
Ongoing repair/alteration of the property – excluding construction management and/or emergency services

Advisory services include:

Claims administration
Defect investigations

Financial transaction assistance includes:

Deposit and rent collection
Delinquency follow-up
Lien enforcement policy and practice
Invoice approval
Invoice payment
Preparation of 1099’s
Financial report preparation

Emergency service assistance includes:

Emergency services not typically included in the day-to-day building operations of your homeowners’ association
Fast response times, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

On-going maintenance services include:

Inspection and review of current contracts
Biding out all ongoing maintenance with reputable local contractors and service
Fast response times to most common matters that require attention, such as lighting replacements, fence repairs, sign installations, graffiti removal and other miscellaneous jobs

Owner-Occupied Property Management Services

In the event the owner of a property is unable to take care of the home they or a relative are living in, Giant Properties will manage the property in a manner consistent with your home owners’ association. We maintain the physical structure in terms of safety, security and improving asset value.

Vacation or Short-Term Rentals

In the event an owner of a property wants to rent the home out periodically, we provide a combination of leasing and property management services, and incorporate appropriate cleaning and laundry services into the operating budget.

Vacant Properties

In some cases an owner may want to keep a property vacant for a period of time. A good example would be someone who wishes to move into an assisted living community for a trial period before committing to renting or selling the home. In this case we would manage the property using our HOA management approach. Whether you’re a homeowner or a family representative, contact us today for a complimentary consultation.