Residential Real Estate Sales Services

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Thinking of relocating, downsizing or cashing out of your property in the San Francisco Bay Area? Whatever your situation, you have come to the right place! Our experienced team of local real estate professionals can help you weigh your options and provide you with the ideal home sale strategy for your particular situation. Whether you have a single-family home, condominium or apartment building, we will help you cost effectively prepare your property to appeal to the right buyer. We will then create a marketing campaign to creatively advertise the lifestyle surrounding your property as well the property itself. Our team will pleasantly and efficiently handle the transaction from signing contracts to handing over the keys to the new owners.


We Look at Your Personal Situation

You may want to sell your current single-family residence and buy a townhouse or condo on one level with no yard to mow! You may own a vacation home, the kids are grown and it’s time to trade that into a duplex for some cash flow. You may have a sudden change in lifestyle such as a move or divorce where you need to sell in the near term. These are just a few of the reasons people decide to sell their property. At Giant Properties, we take the time to understand your reasons for selling and make sure everything is in sync.

We Identify the Right Buyer

We have a 3-prong approach to placing a motivated qualified buyer in your property in the shortest amount of time.

(1) To arrive at an estimated price range for your property, we research properties similar to yours, those currently for sale, recently in contract and recently sold. We then look at the resources necessary to come up with the down payment and secure the loan – the types of jobs, the potential sources of outside income – to identify the target buyers.

(2) Next we consider the quality of life the potential buyer is looking to achieve with your property. We factor in the layout, recent repairs and the current physical condition of your property, and compare this to competitive properties and how buyers are responding. We prepare and help implement a pre-sale plan to bring it up to the optimal market condition.

(3) Location, location, location! We need to know what you have and where it is located in order to effectively identify and match a buyer. We consider the price, location and type of your property as well as the lifestyle, neighborhood amenities, schools and access to transportation.

We Market to the Right Buyer

We promote your property on social media, blogs, websites, MLS listings and in online and offline advertising. We also place pictures and videos of your property on appropriate sites that will attract the most attention.

We hold open houses and show prospects by appointment so we can get face-to-face time whenever possible. We meet and speak to prospects as well as their agents to ensure that the property is promoted and presented in its best light, and that the buyer knows everything about your property. And, we keep you up-to-date on all marketing activities so you will always be “in the know” on the progress of your sale and who is looking at your property.

Our Offer Process

Current market trends will often guide the offer process. Knowing how to handle multiple offers from multiple buyers can be complex, and requires both precision and care.  In some situations for instance, an offer date might be set and the property shown for a specified time before offers will be received. In others, preemptive offers from a single buyer might be the most attractive option. We work with you ahead of time to develop an optimal offer strategy, and a “Plan B” if market conditions change.

Due Diligence

We will rigorously inspect and prepare the necessary disclosures to ensure the buyer is completely informed of all aspects of your property, especially in multiple offer situations. Our team is clear, professional and well-versed in explaining the details. We also adhere to the highest ethical standards of the National Association of Realtors®, the California Association of Realtors® and the Marin Association of Realtors®.